27 July 2014

Blogging again

It's been awhile  since my last post. You can tell that I abandoned my blog but yeah, I'm back again. There are so many stories to share but limited time to actually put them into life. haha. And my usual introduction?? Tadah...photos! Whew. I miss sharing them. Right now, I'm into toy photography and below are my not so good yet samples. Do you know the Sylvanian families? Well, I got my self a chocolate rabbit brother set. Bought it on Toys R Us, Glorietta. Soo cute that I want to buy another set. tehehe. Enjoy viewing. No watermarks for now. Shot these with my new dslr, canon 100d (Tidus).


Toilet cleaner

Chocolate rabbit in BW

Just finished my task

23 September 2013

Guernica's - The Best Paella in Town

Guernica's Tapas bar and Restaurant is one the Philippines' first and finest Spanish restaurants (according to their website). Ever since I saw their tarpaulin on one of  lease spaces in SM Sucat, I knew, I have to watch out for their opening. Their slogan- "The Best Paella in Town" is something that I found enticing that have to find out if they have really the best paella.

15 September 2013

Food Trip @ Zark's Burgers - BF Homes

Lately, I've been eyeing BF Homes ParaƱaque for some restaurants and cafes to dine in. Today, with Macky (my brother) and Chris (cousin), we decided to try Zark's burger joint.

it's Fresh, it's Huge, it's Great, it's Zark's!